About Me


I’m Hale! Fell in love with a Dutch guy, got married and moved to Eindhoven from Istanbul in 2016. Before my life in Eindhoven I was lucky enough to find myself a place in the heart of music and art festivals with IKSV (One of the biggest art & culture foundations in Turkey) while working at a digital marketing agency too.  Watching my mother cook for years has rewarded me after I started craving her food and had to cook them on my own. Not being able to find a job in my field in Eindhoven, I started to practice cooking my mom’s foods whenever I missed her cooking and whenever I felt homesick. After much positive feedback and encouragement, I decided to share the diversity of Turkish cuisine with a wider audience. Almost all of my recipes belong to my family and I cook Turkish food that is hard to find in Eindhoven. Trying to show “Turkish Food is not just about kebabs”, I share weekly homemade take away menus, do private and corporate caterings and give Turkish food workshops. Afiyet olsun! Smakelijk eten!